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What We Offer

Here at Helix, we are devoted to visualising complex pharmaceutical mechanisms of action, biological processes, medical procedures and revolutionary medical devices in a clear and compelling way. Our animations are always scientifically accurate and eye-catching

  • - Medical Procedures Animation
  • - Medical Devices Animation
  • - Mechanisms of Action Animation (MOA)
  • - Mechanisms of Disease Animation (MOD)
  • - Scientific & Educational Animation
  • - Medical 3D for Printing/Publishing

How We Do It


This is the initial, very important phase, where we go through the animation project scope, requirements and any other preliminary project data available. We communicate with the client and ask clarification questions. We provide artistic inputs for better visual experience and get inputs from medical experts in the field, if needed. Once we have complete overview of the project, we create the storyboard and get it approved.


Once the storyboard is approved and we have complete product data, we start the production phase where we work on the 3D assets and animation. Depending on the milestone delivery plan, we send initial or milestone based delivery for approval to our healthcare partner. In this stage we work closely with the client to implement any feedback and adjustment.

Post Production

Once all feedback and adjustments are implemented we create final 3D animation that goes into Post-Production. In this phase we add visual effects and edit the rendered shots to create the final animation. If required our studio adds music, sound effects, voice over, as well as titles and motion graphics. Then we export the final product to any desired video format and deliver it to the client.

Who’s Behind It

Helix Animation is a team of experienced, creative and dedicated 3D and VFX artists, passionate for medical and scientific visualizations. By amalgamating skills and teaming up efforts we have managed to deliver on time and on budget numerous 3D animation projects over the past 8 years for our healthcare, marketing and animation partners. This experience enables us to produce high-end 3D animations for medical, pharma, biotech and med device industry.

We handle the entire process from script to final output, or depending on the clients and their needs, only certain aspects of the process. In both cases, we are fully dedicated to deliver a value above our client expectations and we always nurture long lasting business relationships. We always focus on delivering everything required within the project scope and go beyond that by providing medical and creative advice to improve the accuracy and visual quality of the produced video or print.

Delivering everything required within the project scope is a must, going the extra mile is our modus operandi! We always strive to go beyond required and provide medical and creative advice to improve the accuracy and visual quality of the produced video or print.

We understand the medical industry and therefore we take each specification, milestone and time frame very seriously. We are always eager to help and support you.

Co-Founder & Advisor @ Helix Animation
Aleksandar Tashoski
Co-Founder & Advisor
Co-Founder & Advisor @ Helix Animation
Borko Tashoski
Co-Founder & Advisor
Lead Medical Advisor @ Helix Animation
Ilija Neskovski
Lead Medical Advisor
Executive Director & Lead 3D Artist @ Helix Animation
Zlatko Naumov
Executive Director & Lead 3D Artist
Marketing & Business Development Director @ Helix Animation
Andrea Tevdovski
Marketing & Business Development Director
Production Director & Lead 3D Artist @ Helix Animation
Jasmina Gorgievska
Production Director & Lead 3D Artist
Senior 3D Artist @ Helix Animation
Olivera Markovska
Senior 3D Artist